The Timothy Project is a mentoring and leadership program that teaches the youth and young adults between the ages of 12 and 30 to interface their spiritual gifts and calling with societal or community issues with the aim of proferring solutions and becoming strong and effective leaders.  

We meet on the last Sundays of the month for 3 hours [3 segments].

Segment 1- Reading and Discussion - we choose materials that connect to issues in the society e.g. James Baldwin's work, Quotes, or speeches of historically significant individuals. 

Segment 2- Community Integration- Participants are expected to familiarize themselves with community leaders and community challenges and

Segment 3 -Spiritual Formation -giving them an understanding that they are not too young to lead and they also have spiritual gifts.


The objective is to get them to understand their spiritual gifts in light of what it means to be leaders in community and ministry. 


During the course of the program, participants are encouraged to create a Community or Ministry Project which they present during our last meeting in December. 


Some Participants at the Apollo Theatre on a trip to Harlem, NYC after reading James Baldwin's 5th Avenue Uptown